Background and Beliefs

After completing his formal education, Alex focused on the practical application of the fitness industry. His contributions include stops at Spartan Performance, Coval Fitness & Sports Performance, and Golf & Body NYC. In addition, he has coached high school basketball, golf and taught Anatomy & Physiology at Montcalm Community College.

Alex now brings this balanced approach to fitness to his own company: Smart Strength. A name he chose because of his intelligent and holistic approach to fitness, and the basis of his conviction to his clients:

“My sincere belief is that true fitness is not just muscular strength, it’s also mental strength. I have learned that the mind always leads the body, so if we are to profoundly change our physical fitness, we need to be committed to strengthening our mental fitness as well.”

In the fitness business, attitude is everything. I believe that with the right coaching, you can turn fitness from something you avoid to something you consider to be the absolute favorite part of your day.

In the end, I do not intend for you to take my word for what you can achieve. Instead, I want to help you discover it for yourself. I look forward to meeting you and uncovering your true potential.”

Your trainer,