SS Times 39th Edition

SS Times April showers have brought us May flowers and an abundance of flowering trees!  What a blessing it is to live in this

SS Times 38th edition

SS Times March brought us a taste of summer heat, so much so it made the trees bud and the daphodils pop… just to

SS Times 37th Edition

SS Times February was very busy indeed.  Highlighted by a Tornado, (we were blessed to be spared from any damage or harm) a leap

Ai Adoption? Boom or Bust

  So, you love Ai?  News flash, its not worth a dollar if it is not adopted by society… According to Jared Diamond (Author

Ai and inputs…

Ai and inputs…     Ai is only as good as its data that feeds it.  It is the ultimate learning machine.  Churning through

SS Times 36th edition

SS Times January at Smart Strength has been a roller coaster. Between the holidays (and many football “holidays” we had between Michigan and Lions

Muscle Fiber Types and Energy Systems…

The Role of Muscle Fibers in Running Distance 3 main types of muscle fibers comprise all the muscle tissue on our skeletons.  These three

The Crucial Role of Resistance Training for Runners

Why Runners Should also Resistance Train Runners are athletes.  As such, they should ideally train like athletes.   That means in addition to following

We are What We Repeatedly Do…….

Transforming Acts into Habits of Excellence Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit…New research gives these qualities a different name… “Grit”.  It’s

Revolutionize Your Fitness: Mastering Pelvic Tilt at Smart Strength

Anterior and Posterior tilt… The Most Important Movement “Why, on Earth, am I doing this?!” ….I am sure many of my clients have had

SS Times- 35th edition. Welcome 2024!

SS Times Welcome to 2024!  Happy New Year!  Look for some changes this year around the facility.  We will keep you posted! December was

Commitment and Attitude Are a Way of Life!

Commitment and Attitude are More Than a Choice While reading my latest book, “Sell or Be Sold,” two chapters of the book hit me. 

Overcoming Life’s Setbacks with Smart Strength

Dealing with setbacks Everyone experiences it. It’s how we deal with it that matters.  I am talking about setbacks in life.  They come in

Getting “Real” with yourself

Let Us be Honest, Getting Real With Yourself is Hard Shoot, it’s downright miserable sometimes, and that is exactly why we avoid it.  But

Safely Embrace the Summer Workout: Tips for Exercising in the Heat

Exercising in the Heat: At Smart Strength Since we are still under construction here at Smart Strength, and our state has closed fitness clubs,

Overcoming Gym Intimidation and Weightlifting Fears with Expert Guidance

Removing Barriers of Entry to the Weight Room: Intimidation An ongoing series (1 of 3) If you are new to the Gym world and

Lifting Weights Without Bulking Up

I want to Lift Weights, But I am Afraid of Bulking up… This is a concern that many of my Female clients have when

Resolutions Through the Eyes of a Fitness Pro…

Find a Great Coach would you try to build your home without professional fitness instructors or guidance?  How about learning a new language?  Cook a

The Future of Group Fitness Training & Your Favorite Fitness Class

This is a bit of a mystery to everyone in the fitness world. So, let’s kick around some ideas and talk about things we

Taking an Outward Mindset to the Fitness Industry

Outward Mindset Role in the Fitness Industry This is one of Smart Strengths‘ secret ingredients that makes us better and different than any other

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Copyright © 2022 Smart Strength. All Rights Reserved.