Albion is a place built on hard-work. It is a place defined by grit. Decades of industrial development cultivated an essential blue-collar energy that is still palpable today. Other traditional hallmarks include community cohesion, pride in ownership, and a Main Street city feel nestled in a rural country environment. The trials and tribulations of the past three decades put a strain on some of these ideals, but still the town and her people persevere.


Now, Albion is adapting that blue collar energy into new forms suited for the economy of the future. Innovation and revitalization will require new modes of thinking and systematic, thoughtful approaches. However, grit and blue-collar hustle will remain just as important as ever.

Smart Strength’s philosophy is a microcosm of this same transformation mindset. We aim to combine old-fashioned hard work with intelligent, long-term thinking to make game-changing progress for our clients. Along the way, we want to inspire cohesion, increase community engagement, and build a thriving, mutually supportive business community. We can and will have nice things, and we’ll build them together.

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Copyright © 2024 Smart Strength. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2024 Smart Strength. All Rights Reserved.