Welcome to Smart Strength

Small Group Training

This training option allows for the most flexibility in scheduling and provides an extra element of community to the fitness experience. 1-3 members will train at the same time, sharing the space, but fear not, we will accommodate so you are not waiting for equipment, and there will be NO less attention to detailed coaching. Most people find that this training provides an excellent workout and is a great way to meet people and network, as well as having extra accountability to your peers.

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Individual Personal Training

For those that want a totally individual experience, this is your option. We understand that not everyone is comfortable training with other members, and that is ok. We can create a program that fits any and all types of fitness levels, personalities and goals. We are here to help everyone reach their fitness pinnacle. The individual coaching and mentorship will help you reach your goals.

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Meet the Instructor

Alex Harris

Alex has been involved in fitness all his life. From Athletics to Education to Trainer, fitness has always been at the bedrock of his foundation. After his athletic career, Alex knew that he had to stay involved in fitness the rest of his life. He committed to this by receiving his bachelor’s degree from Albion College in Exercise Science. He then followed that up with a master’s degree from Michigan State University in Exercise Physiology.

Alex carries certifications through the NSCA (certified strength & conditioning coach) TPI (Level 1 fitness) and American Red Cross.

A Word from Alex Himself:

“I believe in helping people. My talents and my passion are empowering people through fitness to help change their lives. The greatest joy I get is when I see a client’s face light up after achieving a goal and experiencing a sense of confidence they have not had for years.”


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“Before I started Smart Strength, I would try one plan only to stop and then be off to another one. Alex was great because he started me right where I need to be. He educates me on how to breathe, stretch, and using my own body parts to provoke resistance to build my muscle.

In the beginning, I was embarrassed of my body and was on the fence about even trying out the service. I felt coming in obese and injured that there was going to be little hope for me. However, 9 months later into my 40 pounds weight loss journal, I have a new perspective, attitude, rejuvenation, and a new level of determination. The best part of it all is I got more than I ever imagined.  “I am never going to stop!”

- Naomi Smith
Social Worker

My experience with Smart Strength was fantastic! My trainer, Alex, was very personable and made my workouts enjoyable. The training I received was specific to my fitness goals, and not a cookie-cutter program. Alex oriented me to new gym equipment and made me feel comfortable with its use. He always made me feel like a rockstar with his encouraging and motivational words. The most notable part of working with this Smart Strength trainer is that he was instrumental in kickstarting a new level of fitness for me. I have never felt better about myself.

- Jennifer Riccius
Middle School Teacher/Coach

Smart Strength’s slogan is “Work Smarter, Not Harder,” which is exactly what Alex Harris lives up to when you train with him. I worked with Alex in Ionia for just over a year. At the age of 52, I had just begun going to a local gym, which actually was a first for me. I periodically worked out at home, but was looking for something different. I took a couple of group classes led by Alex, which I enjoyed, however, I really liked the Personal Training sessions he offered. I like the one-on-one attention, and the relationship that builds between a personal trainer and yourself.

- Lisa L. Brown
AVP, Community Lender