This is a concern that many of my Female clients have when starting a weight training program.  If you are not one of these Females, more power to you… there are no right or wrong body types or images.

For those that have this fear, please read on…

Somewhere along the line, we have been told that this “bulking up” is an inevitable byproduct of weightlifting.  “People that lift weights, especially heavy weights, get bulky.”  That is an observation not founded in science.

This type of thinking is a major deterrent to many females, and unfortunately this false information prevents many women from participating in weight training.  This association also keeps many strong females from engaging in some of the most productive and beneficial exercises, such as deadlift, squat, and some variation of pressing.

Everyone wants to feel better and move better, but we do not want our bodies to change into some unrecognizable bulky and “manly” figure.  Rest assured, it is possible to enjoy a robust weight training program, and not turn into a muscle-bound hulk.

SO how do we weight train without bulking up?!  Proper Science and application…

When Smart Strength designs a program, it is designed just for you.  We will talk about your goals and what you want to achieve.  From there, we craft a program that will best help you reach your desired outcomes.

Throughout years of schooling and personal training experience, Smart Strength has developed a large toolbox for which it can craft a workout routine to accomplish any type of goal.  Not only does Smart Strength have many “tools” (exercises and lifts) but it also has many ways to implement those “tools.”  Sets, Reps, tempo, rest ratio are among other variables that will help the “tools” deliver the best results.  Combine this with our attentive and hands on coaching and you have a recipe for success.

Any exercise scientist or health professional will tell you, lifting weights, when coached properly, provides multiple positive health benefits.  When prescribed properly it can reduce fat mass, increase lean muscle mass, and create a lean, strong look… exactly what some of my female clients are after…

It is through the “proper exercise prescription” that we are able to utilize weight lifting as a calorie burning, muscle toning tool.  Not a mass gaining, hypertrophy inducing body bulker…

Let the principles of Science and sound exercise prescription guide you to your desired results- not social media scientist, celebrities, or uninformed observers.  I look forward to scheduling an assessment with you and hearing your goals.


Work Smarter, not Harder

Your Trainer,



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