We Are What We Repeatedly Do…

Excellence, Therefore, is Not an Act, But a Habit…  – Aristotle.

So many of us have seen this quote on walls in the classroom, in the boardroom, and sometimes even in the bathroom… but do we ever actually take it to heart?  

Do we ever commit to an excellent act and rep it out so often it becomes a habit?  

If you have mastered this concept, more power to you. Stop reading and enjoy your wonderful life; you have made it.  

If you have not been able to turn your acts and attempts at fitness into a habit of excellence, then read on… Smart Strength can help. 

At Smart Strength, We Make 3 Commitments to You!

  1. Consistency
  2. Crush your goals, and have fun doing it
  3. Competency & Independence


We understand that building a strong, healthy foundation requires ongoing effort. So, our fitness instructors ensure consistency in your fitness journey. We’re not just about quick fixes but about making lasting changes that enhance your life.

Crush Your Goals and Have Fun Doing It

Achieving your fitness objectives should be exciting, not a chore. At Smart Strength, we make fitness engaging and enjoyable. We’re not only here to help you meet your goals but to ensure you have a blast while doing it. Say goodbye to mundane workouts; say hello to a fitness experience like no other.

Competency & Independence

We empower you with the knowledge and skills to take charge of your fitness journey. Our professional gym trainers in Albion guide you and equip you with the competency and independence to make informed choices and thrive independently. It’s about lifelong fitness education, not just temporary results.

When you begin your journey with Smart Strength, you directly invest in your health and future.  

We will do everything possible to turn your one-off acts of fitness into a sustained habit of excellence through our 3 commitments to you. 

If you or someone near and dear to your heart needs help with these areas, please click on the link below and schedule your free assessment today.


Let me help you make a habit of fitness stick…  It’s too important, not too!

Work Smarter, not harder

Your Trainer,


“A successful life is not created through flash & pop, but rather through the ability to get knocked down and back up again.  Every Damn time! “