The Power of Community: Embracing Support for Success and Fitness

Lessons in the Power of Unity

It takes a village. 

Raising children, building a business, or putting on a 5k series… it takes a village. 

If it is to be successful, it always takes a village.  

This was a hard lesson for me to comprehend.  I have often tried to go it alone and always frustrated, exhausted, and failed.

Self-Reflection: Unraveling the Paradox of Success

While on a walk recently, I was replaying my life in my head, comparing and contrasting the times when I was successful versus the times when I was depressed and struggled.  

I tried to decipher what could be the cause of how the same person could experience such polar extremes of the spectrum- success and failure.  

This was especially perplexing when the time frames were not that far apart.

When I incorporated strength training into my life, I noticed a significant improvement in my physical and mental well-being. The discipline and resilience I gained from strength training translated into a more prosperous and positive mindset.

Transforming Isolation into Triumph

Finally, it hit me… when I have a support network, when I have a team when I am a part of the village, I can accomplish great things.  

When I go it alone and try to shoulder every burden myself, I eventually crumble and fail.  

I do not think I am the only person that has experienced this.  

This realization is powerful and can be applied to many different scenarios.  

It may take the village’s power to get you committed to training and preparing for a race.  To hold you accountable and to make running a habit.

The Joyful Reward of Fitness and Community

The best way to establish a lasting habit is to have a reward component to the routine, and I can guarantee you that the feeling you get after a great run or training session will feel like a reward.    

As Humans, one of our gifts is the ability to communicate and interact with each other.  We can add value to each other’s lives.  

My profession is around adding value to others’ lives.  But it doesn’t take a personal trainer to help someone commit to their goals and achieve incredible feats.  

Find your village and start adding value to each other.  Fitness, with the guidance of Smart Strength Growth , is just one way to enjoy each other’s company, and it has great benefits! It is always a worthy reward!  

Your Trainer,