The Importance of Reviewing Your Goals

And here we are February. The weather is cold and unrelenting. The Superbowl has come and gone. January and the promise of a new year have long faded from memory… but let me stop you right there!

My Role as a Trainer in Goal Achievement

Moreover, my role as the best trainer in Albion is to challenge you and demystify what it takes to be successful in the world of fitness and the big game they call life.

The Discipline of Goal Setting

One of the most important skills I have discovered is the discipline of goal setting. But goals are only as good as the piece of paper they set on, or the keystrokes they have saved if you do not review them…

Time Stamping and Goal Review as Your GPS

Time stamping and reviewing your goals brings them to life and allows us to accomplish them because this is the most neglected step in goal setting.

How to Implement an Effective Goal-Setting Strategy

This is a challenging habit to develop, so let me share and review my goal-setting strategy with you. I hope you can adapt a similar process and make it stick.

Preparing for Success

The process for creating my 2021 goals began in November of 2020. This is when I take my first stab at what I want to accomplish, what I must complete, and what I strive to achieve. I throw it all down in a rough draft and then step away for a few weeks.

Goal Setting Strategy

Mid-December, I return to my pile of goals and then break them into categories: Personal, Smart Strength/ business, and Personal Financial. Once I Organize my list, it makes organizing my thoughts on each goal easier. After you have created your categories and placed each goal in the correct bin, take a break.

From Ideas to Actions

I take my categories and work through each goal, making them SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound). Now that a goal is in its proper category and is SMART, I know my time frame for each goal, and I can start to plot out a way to accomplish each goal, either in my head or in my planner.

Sealing the Deal

I imagine many people have attempted or even perfected steps 1-3…. But the most crucial step binds it together and completes the feedback loop. Review!!

Monthly Goal Reviews

At the end of each month, I make a note in my planner to review my goals list for each category and score my progress. By keeping my goals and progress fresh in my mind, I am inclined to work daily to accomplish my goals, even if I did not purposely set out to do so.

Goal Maintenance

It is important to remember that the goals you set just 6 weeks ago are only worth something if you continue to work for them. Goals are living documents that need to be updated and even revised periodically. You can set your review timeframes as you see fit, but remember that they need to be frequent enough to evaluate progress and make corrections if you need to catch up.

Navigating the SMART Review of Your 2021 Goals

1st edition/ 2021 goals 🡪 Organize/categorize 🡪 SMART Review/ Update

This process is more important than ever. Most people abandon their goals for the rest of the year in February. This is a sensitive and critical point in your journey to success. So carve out some time and make your goals review a priority! As a personal trainer in Albion,  I will help you in this field.

The Power of Regular Goal Review

You will not regret the time you spend on yourself and reviewing goals. Something magical happens when we develop vital goals, bind them to paper, print them off, and stick them on our wall, and then schedule time at the end of each month to re-assess and evaluate our process towards accomplishing our goals…. So they just might come true!

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