The Future of Group Fitness Training & Your Favorite Fitness Class

This is a bit of a mystery to everyone in the fitness world. So, let’s kick around some ideas and talk about things we know will change. And try to find a way to save the workouts and community-building we all love.

Navigating the Future of Fitness

The slew of new guidelines, regulations, and laws has many wondering how will a fitness facility look when all this dust settles.  One modality that will be significantly affected will be our group classes, whether it be yoga, pound, or CrossFit. Amidst these changes, the incorporation of Smart Strength becomes a crucial consideration. As we grapple with maintaining distance and adapting to safety measures, envisioning how to integrate Smart Strength Growth into these evolving fitness landscapes seamlessly becomes paramount.

The Joy of Sweat and Shared Struggles

There is something extra fun and rewarding working out amongst our peers.  Sure, it’s nerve-wracking at first, but once you get a good sweat rolling and find that everyone in your class is just like you, it becomes exhilarating.  We are all competitors in some way.  And everyone would agree that “misery loves company.” It always helps to have a buddy going through the same pain as you; it’s fun to team up and throw your collective jabs and dirty looks at your trainer or class instructor as you huff and puff.

Challenges of Distance and Safety

But what are we to do now?  Now that after two months, we have tried to stay as far away from others as possible.  How are we supposed to squeeze our yoga mats into slender studios?  How can we bond at our barre if only a few clients are in the building simultaneously?  And most importantly, how will we possibly do burpees with respirators and gloves on???

Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

There will indeed be changes to your favourite gym, but it doesn’t have to be wrong. Fitness instructors and gym owners will be put to the creative challenge, trying to make their facility safe yet still fun.  Consider a brand of fitness that provides the best of both worlds. Small group personal training.  With this exercise mode, you will get expert coaching and attention to detail, and you can still work with a few of your best friends or take a chance to meet new members and network.

Albion’s Small Group Training

You will get a great workout and still feel friendship and community.  Small group training in Albion is perfectly positioned to offer that clean, safe environment and be as fun and productive as the old gyms we grew up loving.  We are prepared for you if you’re ready to commit to fitness and results.  

Always remember to “work smarter, not harder.”

Alex Harris