SS Times- April, 16th edition


SS 2 Updates


“We have a foundation in Exercise Science.  We deliver expert solutions”

Your invited!   Be the first to see our new facility!


Smart Strength “Soft” Open house- Saturday May 7th.  5pm- 7pm


127 N. Superior St. Albion MI 49224


An informal gathering of friends, family, and special supporters of Smart Strength


Come hang out and help christen the new facility.  It’s a party, not a workout.


I’m sick of everyone asking how its going, so just come see for yourself… LOL


If you have any questions just shoot me an email.

Next steps for SS2- Progress updated.

Drywall has arrived, and they will be hanging board and closing the walls ASAP.  (DONE)

At the same time, the tile has arrived and will be laid down ASAP.  The bathrooms are coming along.  (DONE)

Lockers have arrived and are safely in storage off site, ready to be installed. (DONE)

Rogue strength training equipment has arrived and is safely in storage off site. (DONE)

Cardio equipment is shipping soon, just awaiting flooring installation. The last piece of the puzzle (Peloton will arrive and be installed on May 4th)

Rubber and turf flooring has been ordered and is set to arrive in the next few weeks.  (DONE)

Crews are ready and waiting to tape, paint, patch ceilings and paint. (Done)

Floor – Turf and rubber mats will need to be installed.   (Done)

Move in equipment and assemble in place (ongoing)

Installation of new doors/ front & back/ wiring to comtronics (next week)

New front of building/ replacing glass and columns (next week)

Finish work/ bathroom fixtures, sinks, mirrors, towel bars, finish doors (ongoing)

Then we will be cooking..  😊

Until then, we intend to keep training and providing service to our amazing clients at SS1 location.

SS Times


April has been a very productive month at both SS1 & SS2.  We are nearing completion of the build out and will be transitioning.  This is going to be a delicate process, think “how do we change pilots midflight without crashing the plane”..

As the weather hopefully turns for the better, we look back at the month that was, in our 16th edition of the SS Times..

Schedule update

We will be closed on Friday the 13th, Saturday the 14th, Monday the 16th.  Half day on Thursday the 12th.  I will be traveling to Georgia for a wedding.

I plan on transitioning to the new facility for training starting the week of 5/23 as a soft opening.  Grand opening to the public/ June 1!

I may have to take time off to work on the new facility (install equipment and software and staff training) so I will try to provide as much advance notice as possible to taking time off for these things.  However some of this is fluid and I wont know any sooner than anyone else.    

As we move facilities and transition into summer, my availability will change.  More information on that below in the transition plan.

**We are still at max capacity and will be waitlisting leads until we move facilities.  We are working hard to make the transition as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

**Erin is filling her book of business and will be accepting new assessments and clients when we open SS2!

Thank you for trusting Smart Strength with your health and wellness.

We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you into the future.

If we can do anything to make your training just a little bit better, please do not hesitate to let us know.

To recap the month

-We completed 129 total sessions for the month of April.

-We averaged 32 sessions per week.

-We are averaging 161 sessions per month YTD.

2,327 total training sessions have been completed at SS since opening in November 2020.

643 Sessions have been completed 2022 YTD.  *Compared to 540 sessions in 2021 YTD.

2022 1st Quarter Assessment results

Bike (KJ)                                               AMRAP (rounds)

-Joe 76                                                  -Joe 10

-Dick 65                                     -Doug 9 2/3

-Caroline 64                                        -Jewell 8 2/3

-Doug 59                                              -Alexa 8 1/3

-Alexa 51                                              -Jess 8 1/3

-Jamie 47                                             -Jamie 8

-Jess 41                                                -Caroline 7 2/3

-Tom 41                                                -Naomi 6

-Dawn 36                                             -Lauren 5 1/3

-Lauren 34                                           -Nick 5 1/3

-Jewell 30                                            -Dawn 5

-Shelly 26                                             -Shelly 5

-Naomi 24

-Nick 22


Moving Forward

* Run Albion Series-

If you missed us last Friday, that’s ok, please consider us for the next race on Friday, June 24th!

Register NOW!  It is a great Friday night vibe.  You get to see all the amazing things happening in our town and get a great workout in!  Winning!

Smart Strength is proud to partner with Run Albion and will be creating a “Talk with the Trainer” video series.  The first edition of Talk with the trainer series is now finished.

Check out the link below for some helpful running/ success tips!

1 year anniversary list! – You are amazing and a special thank you for making a real commitment to Smart Strength!

-Jess B.

-Owen D.


2022 SS2 transition plan

“The only one who likes change is a wet baby.”  Mark Twain


Here is a rough outline of how things will play out in the coming months as we transition facilities and slightly change our business model.  Transparency is key, and rest assured, I WILL TAKE CARE OF MY EXISTING CLIENTS!!! Our bread & butter/ training will not go away.


-Transitioning facilities

Physical- change of location 302 S Superior à 127 N Superior, new equipment, balancing more clients in facility at once

Mental- Going from 1 on 1 to 3 on 1… Coaching differently.  Creating new culture/ managing atmosphere with new members

Software- Update in ZP… member scan in and 24/ 7 access capability.  Larger amount of clients/ management of scheduling


-Transition business model

Ring inefficiencies out of business model.

Higher overheard, no longer economically viable for me to train 1 on 1 at this price pt.…

More managerial duties, no longer can coach 40+ individual training sessions at this point



-Transition day to day role/ operations

Only coaching 5 or less hours per day (up to 15 clients per day)

Allow time to manage facility, especially in the beginning/ troubleshooting

Allow time to coach trainers and mentor new hires

Allow time to sell to companies/ corporate wellness contracts

Allow time to do community outreach/ engagement/ health & wellness presentations

Timeline for transition- We are expected to begin moving/ training existing clients at SS 2.0 on May 23rd.


Online review

***One of the best ways you can help support Smart Strength is with an online review.  If you have not done so yet, please take a few minutes to leave one here.

As always, if anyone has any suggestions or feedback, please shoot me an email, or let me know during our next session.


Your Trainer,