Overcoming Life’s Setbacks with Smart Strength

Dealing with setbacks

Dealing with setbacks

Everyone experiences it. It’s how we deal with it that matters.  I am talking about setbacks in life.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  They come in every conceivable area of life.  Work, love, finances, and fitness, to name a few.  

A wise friend once told me that the path to success is never a linear rise.  It is a million micro-adjustments, but it will trend upward if you do it right.  Continuous learning and adjusting will give you that upward trend.  

In the world of fitness, this is no different.  I have had many clients over the years who have had setbacks.  Sometimes, it’s a hectic schedule, sometimes an injury, and sometimes a significant life change that puts their fitness on temporary pause.  But the key is not to let the setback last.  At Smart Strength, I want to give you the tools to help you overcome these lapses and still bounce back into the fitness routine when the “dust” of a setback finally settles. 

That means that everyone goes through setbacks. Even the most successful, driven people go through setbacks… daily.  As I said, what you do after the setback matters. Especially in the context of strength training, matters.

These words are even more true now, as we have all had to deal with some setbacks.  Remember, it happens to all of us…. But it’s what we do after the setback that counts.

I am no different…. I have felt the burden of setbacks but chose to bounce back!  If you want to join me on the bouncing back journey, please get in touch with me.  

Work Smarter, not harder. 

Your Trainer,