Fitness Club In Albion: The Best Trainer Guide

Lifting weights and losing weight…?  What is the connection?

So often, we assume that the only benefits of visiting a fitness club in Albion are increased size and strength.

But working with the best trainer in Albion for personal training to lose weight? No way that is a cardio and diet thing, right… Wrong. Here is why. As Humans, when we stimulate our muscles through resistance training, we traditionally see hypertrophy (increased size in our current muscle fibres).

Unlocking Hyperplasia: A Lesser-Known Path to Muscle Growth

There is another way to increase muscle mass (Hyperplasia, which is growing more actual muscle fibers, but as I said, this does not account for much human muscle growth). So essentially, we are born with all the muscle fibers we will ever have; we must grow and strengthen them through resistance training.

The Metabolic Marvel of Muscles: Fueling Your Health and Vitality

The known health benefits of having a solid musculoskeletal system are widespread. Still, one benefit that often escapes people’s understanding is how much energy muscles need to consume to stay healthy.

Muscles are metabolically active tissue, meaning they need a constant food source to survive, let alone contract and move.

This may seem common sense to you; think about how much food a giant bodybuilder consumes versus a small, inactive elderly person…

Muscle Metabolism: Your Key to Effective Weight Loss

But consider the resting metabolic rate of the muscle. As you lay in bed sleeping, sit at your office doing work, or drive around doing your daily chores🡪 , if you have more muscle mass, under the guidance of skilled fitness instructors, you burn more calories the whole time, not just while exercising but while resting! The key here is to slowly change your body composition to be made up of more FFM (fat-free mass), such as muscle, so you have a more remarkable ability to burn off excess calories instead of storing them.

Smart Strength: Your Path to Effective Weight Loss

That is where Smart Strength and a well-crafted resistance training program led by the best trainer in Albion will help. Combine this new source of energy expenditure with a carefully managed diet, and you are on the best path to lose weight. Not to mention, gain all those other excellent benefits that resistance training affords!” 

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