We have all had it, and we are all chasing it… what is it?  Happiness.

When you think back to a moment when you were genuinely happy, or if you are currently happy, consider what factors led to this happiness.

I know for myself; true happiness comes from earning something.  Think about that statement.

Now recall your happy moments and think about if earning your success was part of what made you happy.

I believe that all people enjoy working hard and accomplishing goals.  Many a movie, song and inspirational speeches have used this theme to motivate and educate people about the fruits of hard work.

This belief has a physiological basis as well: all people have a built-in reward system that showers our neuro-receptors with Dopamine (the happy chemical) when we work hard and something that was a dream becomes reality.

One of the most rewarding and exciting things we can do is earn our success.  This applies to your fitness just like any other area of life.  When you earn your success, you will not only be healthier, confident, and energized, but you will feel that wonderful thing we are always chasing… happiness.

But the road does not end when you reach a goal or accomplish a major life event.  The true staying power of happiness lies in building habits, lifestyle choices that we control.  When our habits are sound, we increase the likelihood of reaching our major life goals drastically.  Live your life as an enterprise!

For more information on this topic, watch this speech on earned success and happiness


I look forward to helping you earn your success.

Work Smarter, not harder.


Your Trainer,


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