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What a beautiful Fall we are having.

And when its cold and rainy, there is nothing better than hitting the gym and getting your sweat on!!

I applaud each one of you for braving the elements, finding the energy, and staying committed…

Every time you work out, you are making a deposit in your health piggy bank…

Let’s feed that damn pig all winter long!!!


Schedule updates

Friday training is back on Zen Planner.  8am- Noon is available for scheduling.  If you would like a Friday PM workout just let me know and I can selectively schedule for you.

Saturday training is BACK!  I have availability from 7am-noon for the month.

It is a great way to get the weekend rolling!

Thank you for trusting Smart Strength with your health and wellness.

We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you into the future.


To recap the month

-We completed 130 total sessions for the month.

-We averaged 32.5 sessions per week.

-We are averaging 136.5 sessions per month YTD.

1366 total training sessions have been completed YTD.


Moving Forward

-I want to make everyone aware of the Cancellation Policy at SS. 

If you cancel a scheduled appointment within 24 hours of the appointment, you will be charged for the session.

However, if you cancel but reschedule within the same week through Zen planner, no problem. 

It is on you to make that decision and schedule a makeup appointment. 

***Attendance award mini game, coming soon!!! ***


TEASER:  Online programs are coming soon….  Watch below!!!


Online review

***One of the best ways you can help support Smart Strength is with an online review.  If you have not done so yet, please take a few minutes to leave one here.

As always, if anyone has any suggestions or feedback, please shoot me an email, or let me know during our next session.

Work Smarter, not harder

Your Trainer,



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