Visioning… a Life Changing Tool

What is visioning?

Visioning has been used in this world in countless definitions and ways, but it is better kept simple to me.  

It is putting your mind in the future and then looking around your world, feeling, tasting, touching, hearing, smelling, and any other senses you can consider incorporating.  It puts us in a future state, allowing us to create the environment we desire to achieve.  When we put those feelings down on paper and describe what our world looks like in the future, we have created a vision.   

It is a place where the goals we have set for ourselves have finally materialized.  And we can understand what it will feel like to accomplish our dreams.  

People often use visioning for business or material wealth.  Promotions, new houses, cars, and success.  But do not limit the power of visioning to just those things.  At Smart Strength, we use visioning as one of our tools to help our clients reach the desired health and fitness levels.  

How does visioning work?

Most people have heard of the law of attraction.   Some people believe in the power of positive energy.  Visioning lies somewhere between the two.  When we truly take the time to write out a detailed vision and we commit to that vision, something magical happens.  Your vision will start to manifest. 

Our minds control our whole world.  It is the gatekeeper to what and how we perceive everything around us and our actions.  When we commit to our vision, over time, we only focus on things that will help us fulfil our vision.  We start to consciously and unconsciously attract only things that will make our vision possible.  This is the mechanism for which visioning works.  

An additional benefit to visioning with the best trainer in Albion is that when we start to have our vision come true, our dreams realized, we feel as if we have already been there, and it is much more comfortable.  Putting success in your mind’s eye before it does happen is very comforting and calming to the mind.  

Athletes often practice this, dreaming about what it would be like to win their respective championships.  So when the pressure is on in the final minutes, the mind remains calm, knowing it has already been there; it knows what to expect. 

Visioning and Fitness?

Why would a fitness brand talk about such intangible things as visioning?  How many reps does a vision help me complete?  How does a vision help shrink my waistline?

Good questions- all I can say is DO NOT underestimate the power of this tool.  

What a proper vision will do, when committed to, will provide the overarching theme of why you are investing in fitness in the first place.  

It will keep you committed during all those tough workouts, the early morning training sessions, and the late night and weekend workouts that are so hard to drag yourself too! 

What you envision, if done correctly, will manifest…. If you aspire to change your fitness, body, and lifestyle, you need to envision what it will look like in the future….  This is one of the best motivational and preparation tools we have possible!

The mind controls the body; put your mind in the best possible position to win so the body can follow. 

DO NOT underestimate the power of these tools… if you are curious to learn more, please get in touch with me…

If you are curious about visioning and want to learn more, I highly recommend watching this video.

Always remember, work Smarter, not harder. 

Your Trainer,