The Downside of Tech Fitness

An Observation by a Fitness Professional

Nowadays, all the rage is online training and virtual coaching.  Whether because of the pandemic or because the technological advances are so compelling. We cannot help ourselves and are moving toward these new mediums.  I am a fitness professional, and at times, I feel like an assembly line working, staring at the robot (or peloton) about to take my place.  But I also know that there is something about my services and expertise that will NEVER be outsourced or automated, so I can still sleep easy at night knowing I will not go by way of the Doo-Doo.

Personal Trainers in the Digital Fitness Age

Consider for a moment the internet and its never-ending amount of fitness resources available to anyone.  Most of this is free and very easily accessible.  If you think about it, it’s almost a wonder anyone even pays for gym trainers when they can find the same exercises, programming, and hunky guy or gal explaining it to you for free on the internet.

Human Touch in Fitness Coaching

If you are fortunate enough, you can pause, rewind, and digest the content at any pace you want from the judgment-free comfort of your home or personal training studio.  Yet I feel zero threat from these videos.  These videos have been out longer than I have been in the profession, yet I only see increased demand for trainers and their services.  How can this be?  

The Unwavering Demand for Personal Trainers

I will be the first to tip my cap and acknowledge that some of these platforms have created some excellent content that is scientifically accurate, and the delivery is very energetic.  The graphics and streaming have come a long way.  The idea of working out on your schedule is so enticing.  Yet my demand is still growing by the day… how?

The Human Element in Fitness

There is no shortage of fitness content, but some genuine and personable traits are at an all-time shortage.  Commitment, accountability, engagement, trust, value, and work ethic do not come through the screen, never have, never will.   All the conveniences modern-day fitness technology offers us come with a double-edged sword.  Without any real personal commitment to a schedule, an appointment, or your fitness instructors, it becomes so much easier to turn off the screen or ignore that watch telling you to move.  It’s just human nature.

The Indispensable Role of Personal Trainers

Without the personal engagement, it does not mean that much to you.  You can blow it off.  Even the most successful people in the world must work on time management, building habits of journaling, and accountability.  It is not easy.  Fitness is not accessible, which is part of why I have a career I am confident will never go out of style.

The Invaluable Human Connection of Personal Training 

In addition to holding your feet to the fire on days when you would rather “sleep in,” “just go home and relax after work,” or “don’t have the energy or time,” I offer other benefits that tech can’t compete with.  I am here to help, learn about you, and develop a rewarding relationship that benefits us as your friends, who sometimes must provide tough love.  I enjoy learning about my clients and their unique lives (this job has introduced me to many wonderful individuals). To coach you in real time, I’m here. Provide feedback, keep you from injuring yourself, and make you laugh and enjoy working hard.

Elevate Your Fitness Journey with Personalized Coaching

I am here to push you beyond what you would ever achieve.  Always ready to help you develop lifelong fitness habits that will positively impact you in every area of your life.  I appreciate you taking the time to visit my webpage and read my blog, but if you are serious about your fitness and want real change, let’s visit in person or at Smart Strength Growth and Conditioning and discuss the next step.  

Always remember, “work smarter, not harder.”

Your Trainer, 

Alex Harris

Thank you.