The Alternative Narrative- 2 years later

It has been approx. 2 years since the novel virus first started being covered in our country’s news media.

It has been approx. For 2 years now, we have tried to manage, control, and ultimately eradicate a virus through varying measures.

How have we done?

Let’s run with a little thought experiment.  Let’s consider the other options that were always available to us but never given any consideration.

A Glimpse at a Fact-Based Pandemic Response

Now, let me try and expand the narrative and consider this alternative point of view. In those two years, what would our country look like? Now, if we had focused on the following measures instead of the course of action we have seen play out… what would have been the outcome if facts instead of fear drove public policy?  What would have resulted if scientists led the pandemic response efforts instead of bureaucrats?

Transforming Risk

In 2 years, how many people could have moved out of the “high-risk” category? Just by using exercise and diet instead of pharmaceutical intervention?

The Potential Lifesaving Impact of Two Years of Exercise and Nutrition

How many people could we have saved if we had started exercising and eating the right foods at the outset of the pandemic?  2 years of exercise can take a long way.

The Untapped Potential of Combating Obesity

In two years, how many millions of obese Americans could we help if we just allocated the time, money, and resources to get them moving instead of using all those resources to get them inoculated.?  This option still applies, yet how much effort do you see publicly to combat the obesity epidemic in America? How many commercials and how much funding? How many social media posts and celebrity endorsements?

A Call for Natural Immune Support and Accountability

Moving forward, why do we not turn to what we can do to help people’s immune systems naturally fight off infection and disease and make being unhealthy socially unacceptable and taboo/ as we have seen with this pandemic to those who do not mask and jab/, instead of turning a blind eye to the morbidly obese and saying it’s unkind to try and get them to change.  Why the double standard?

Prioritizing Health Over Pharmaceutical Intervention

Instead, over the last 2 years, we have demonized healthy persons because they wish to live freely from pharmaceutical intervention, which we know is mostly ineffective…How much change could we effect if we turned our media machine towards proven healthy measures, including diet, exercise, sleep, mental health help, and strength training, instead of intimidation ads, coercion, and borderline extortion (lottery and free college education??) advertisements schemes?

Healthy Living vs. Pandemic Spending

What would the cost to the country have been if we had focused on preventative measures of a healthy lifestyle, diet, exercise, and proper sleep hygiene instead of R&D, vaccine manufacturing, government-mandated shutdowns, testing and tracing, stimulus payments, and ultimately explosive inflation?

The Missed Opportunity for Health Promotion

How many exercise professionals could we have employed, facilities created, awareness and marketing campaigns could we have produced to get people healthy instead of the scare tactics and bullying and intimidation campaigns we see today?

Empowering Personal Health

Why don’t we continue to entice people to control what they can control?  Themselves and their health, instead of trying to create a zero-risk/ sterile society at the expense of our health and our freedoms?

Reevaluating Restrictions

Why do we target healthy populations who can fight a viral infection with their immune system by barring them from certain facilities, jobs, and entertainment venues?

Discrimination Against Health-Conscious Individuals

Why are we not talking about the modern-day discrimination this is creating against the people who have prioritized and maintained a lifestyle of health?  Examples include abusing them politically, barring them from important functions, including governmental buildings and schools, discriminating against them in the workplace, travel, and entertainment venues, and publicly shaming them in person and via social media.

Balancing Act

How can we make sense of destroying our economy, education system, and society for 2 years for something we have known to be 99.9% survivable?

Questioning Narratives

Think critically… who would craft this message that your life, as you once knew it, depends on a jab…?

Exploring Narratives

Who would create the narrative that health, exercise, and diet are not as important, but a man-made/ created immune response is the all-mighty?

Uncovering Motives

Who benefits from this narrative, and what does the alternative narrative threaten?  Follow the money?

Why is any opposition to this narrative oppressed so harshly?

How deadly is the trend we are creating of silencing dissenting scientific opinion, dismissing any opposing evidence, discouraging debate, and ultimately creating pseudo-science, forever destroying our trust in the scientific process and its results?

The Impact of Health and Wellness Choices on Society

Think, where would our economy, education, and society be today if we had chosen health and wellness over pharmaceutical indoctrination… compare other countries and how their responses differed from ours.  What were the outcomes?

If you value your health and wellness and are committed to a lifestyle of preventative care, we are here and ready for you.

The best time to start investing in yourself was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.  This is the smartest investment you’ll ever make.

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