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Summer is here in full force!  What a perfect Michigan weekend!  I hope you all are enjoying the 4th this weekend with friend, family, and those you hold dear to your heart.

The end of June was the end of the 2nd Quarter.  Many of you were re-assessed.  I saw a lot of progress across the board, and I hope you are proud of your efforts and commitment to training!  Hats off to you.

In addition to posting better “numbers”, so many of you are moving better, having less aches and pains, and are breezing through a 45-minute workload that would have seemed impossible back when you started.  It is amazing to see the growth.

To all of you that have provided referrals and positive feedback to others, thank you.  I very much appreciate you taking some of your valuable time to help spread the word about SS.  Very cool! I am incredibly grateful to you all for your continued support.

We are continuing to grow at a steady pace but are approaching the cap on what is a realistic and sustainable client load.  This is a great problem to have, but none the less, if it becomes a problem, we will have to implement a waiting list for new sign ups.

Above all else, I wish to maintain the highest standards in service and product and will not sacrifice that for unsustainable growth.  I will take care of my people.

Thank you for choosing to spend your time with us.

Thank you for trusting Smart Strength with your health and wellness.

We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you into the future!


To recap the month

-We completed 156 total sessions for the month. (3rd best month this year)

-We averaged 31 sessions per week.

-We are averaging 135.5 sessions per month YTD.

-813 training sessions have been completed YTD.

-We had 4 clients sign up for the 21-day trial (currently 21 active members)

-The Peloton has proven to be an effective cardio workout.  If you have a weight loss goal, we should be taking full advantage of the calorie burning the bike provides.




Moving Forward

-I have had several clients express a desire to start doing small group training (2 clients at the same time).  If you are interested in this option, please just mention it to me and I will start introducing clients to each other and you can take it from there.  I find it creates another level of accountability and is an awesome networking tool and creates even more value in your training.  It also makes the workout go by faster I hear….

-If you wish to remain strictly 1 on 1 that is ok, and please just let me know that is your preference. 

-SS shirts are in and every member should have received one at this point.  If you wish to purchase any additional shirts, the cost is $20 per shirt.  The second order is in so I should be able to accommodate any style or size desired.

-We also have plans to create an online catalog of Nike products branded with SS logos for sale.  More on that in the coming months/ weeks depending on demand.  These products would be polos, dri fit tees and sweaters and hats.  The stuff that I have been wearing lately..

-Some clients warm up/ conditioning will include outdoor runs.  I have two options that cover 1 mile or 2 miles.  If you want to see this in your program, just let me know.

-Smart Strength clients receive a discount towards our awesome Run Albion 5 K series.  Unfortunately, the last race was rained out, but I am hopeful we will have perfect weather for the next.

The third race is Friday, September 17th and coincides with the “Festival of the Forks!”  Plenty of time for us to get in shape.  I would love to have a group of SS clients participate in the race.  It is a great course, highlighting some beautiful portions of Albion and always a good time!  Spread the word!

Click the link to visit their website.  As race date approaches, I will be reminding each of you.  We should try and coordinate shirts and photos as well on race day.

-Smart Strength is still operating under summer hours.  This new schedule is Monday – Thursday, 7am- 7pm.  In addition, 2 Saturdays per month (July 10th, July 24th).  This coming week is especially short with Monday being a holiday, but there are still some open slots left!

As always, if anyone has any suggestions or feedback, please shoot me an email, or let me know during our next session.

Looking forward to making this a healthy and activity filled summer!

Work Smarter, not harder

Your Trainer,


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