SS Times 39th Edition

SS Times

April showers have brought us May flowers and an abundance of flowering trees!  What a blessing it is to live in this great state!

We know that life is going to pick up steam as we all venture outside to pick up our yards, plan our summer vacations and enjoy exercising outdoors.  Do not forget the importance of supplementing your lifestyle activity with our strength and functional fitness training.

Plus were always here for you on those rainy days…

This is Smart Strength & this is a way of life.  Thank you for joining us.

We are here and ready for you!  With a gym fully stocked with weights, cardio machines and expert trainers, we are your one stop shop for all things health & wellness.

We always appreciate referrals.  Our business runs on them.  If you know someone who is looking to make a positive change in their habits and improve their mental and physical health, please mention us.  If you have had a positive experience with us, please let them know that too!

We applaud you for making fitness and health a priority.  We look forward to helping you prepare for all your winter sport activity.  Strength and coordination will help you have your best winter season yet!

Thank you all for trusting Smart Strength with your health and wellness.  We appreciate each one of our customers.

We have added 7 new members to the Smart Strength family in the month of April (Carlos, Sandra, Suzanne, Alan, Will, Brad and Cory).   Welcome! 

In addition, we would like to welcome Team 1 Plastics to our corporate wellness program!

They, along with Caster Concepts are leading the way in our corporate wellness division!

Cheers to great employers investing in their most valuable asset.

We now have 64 active keycard memberships and 32 small group training members.

**For new members- Treadmill Code is 1277.

If you ever have questions about equipment or Pelotons, please let us know so we can give you an orientation.

Please be sure the door latches closed behind you when leaving the facility.  

Overall, I have been very pleased with everyone’s cleanliness and respect for the facility.  Cheers!  Keep up the good work.

REMINDER***  We have a 24 hour cancellation policy.  If you cancel within 24 hours of your session, you will be charged.  

**The new Keycard contract policy is now in place.  Thank you for understanding **

 April Recap

-We completed 163 total sessions for the month of April.  (150 total for April ’23)
-We averaged 40.75 sessions per week.
-We are averaging 164 sessions per month YTD. 
-6,070 total training sessions have been completed at SS since opening in November 2020.
-663 total sessions for 2024 YTD 
-Finishes the year *2,116 sessions 2023 YTD.  *1,725 Sessions were completed 2022 YTD.  *1,718 sessions in 2021 YTD.
Erin sessions: 83 for the month of April *** 1,042 sessions Total.

If you could hear this tree buzz.  IT was covered by thousands of bees!
That was no April Fools Joke.  The race is on and the Campaign is picking up steam!

Our owner, Alex Harris, is running for State Representative of the 44th district in this year’s election.

This is a major endeavor; however, Alex is still going to be working hard to maintain duties at Smart Strength and provide the quality training his clients deserve.

As the campaign race ramps up, availability may be affected in the evenings, but we will find a way to take care of our clients.

If you’re interested, concerned, or just curious, please do not hesitate to ask Alex about the race, his district and any issues you wish to discuss.

Want unlimited access to the premier fitness facility in the state of Michigan?

Our keycard membership is right for you.

**** 6 month and year long specials for keycard memberships!  **** Ask us about it now, or purchase for a gift!

Save your basement and garage from becoming a storage shed for dated workout equipment and mismatched dumbbells.  Let us do the work.

In addition*** Keycard/ Drop in memberships include UNLIMITED access to Peloton Bikes and Treads!  A $2500 value!

Are you someone that needs direction in the weight room?
Do you need a plan?
Do you need the accountability of an appointment?
Do you want to develop a lasting routine?Our 21 day trial is right for you. 
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