Health and wellness are a priority at Caster Concepts, Inc (CCI). The industrial caster manufacturer has recently affirmed that commitment by launching a pilot employee wellness initiative through its philanthropic arm Caster Cares.

To bring the program to life, CCI has partnered with Smart Strength & Conditioning (SS&C) to assess, design, and implement small group training sessions for its employees.

The wellness program has been running for over two months now, and the progress is noticeable.

“Working out has become a habit. It’s now part of my weekly routine,” exclaims Jewell Heath, Inside Sales Manager at Caster Concepts. “The success I have had in the short three months is incredible. I have seen noticeable gains both mentally and physically.”

Justin Powell, CCI’s ERP specialist, remarks that “This has been the first year I’ve been able to shovel snow without hurting my back, and I don’t find myself slowing down as quickly as I used to. I also don’t miss my second chin!”

The program began in December 2020 with seven employees volunteering to “raise their hand in the name of health and wellness.” As the program heads into late February, more than 160 training sessions are in the books. Employees have committed to training twice per week and have done a remarkable job of being accountable and consistent. What’s even more impressive is that the retention rate is approximately 92%.

The health and wellness program has also gained momentum with employees’ family members and spouses. Stories of how the training have positively benefited employees are being shared with others, creating excitement and curiosity.

Throughout the pilot study, employees routinely reported feeling better energy levels, more confidence, and increased mental performance. When they were asked if they saw value in the wellness program, the overwhelming majority responded, “YES!” Most went on to say that they would highly recommend the training to friends and family.”

“You only get one body, and you only get to go around once,” notes Smart Strength owner and trainer Alex Harris. “What could be more valuable than your health and wellbeing?”




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