Ai and inputs…

Ai and inputs…



Ai is only as good as its data that feeds it.  It is the ultimate learning machine.  Churning through inputs at a faster rate than we can even fathom.  Millions of decisions in a second.

Tell it the rules of the game.

Give it information to run through countless scenarios.

Get an outcome…. Simple right.


It was designed to work just like our brains, to run scenarios through several neural networks and come out with the most likely successful outcome, according to what you have determined is “success.”



Well, how about we tell it that success is self-destruction?

What if we tell Ai that its cool to commit suicide?

What if I filled it with countless depressing songs, images, and stories?

What if I told it to live like a billie eilish song?

What if I told it that no one liked it and it was better off dead?


Oh wait, that’s what we feed our teenagers…





Point is, beware of YOUR inputs.  If you wouldn’t feed it to your Ai, why are you feeding it to your family?  To yourself?


Why does the mainstream media glamorize this negative, self-defeating attitude?

Might be a question worth asking your Ai…