What is an “Outward Mindset” and what is its role in the fitness industry?

This is one of Smart Strengths secret ingredients that makes us better and different than any other fitness experience you have had.

I was introduced to a book by a friend and it talks about implementing an “Outward Mindset” towards others to help change lives…  Sounds like a lot of books on the market.  But after reading, I have made a conscious effort to live with an outward mindset, and the results have been tremendous.  An Outward Mindset means putting others before self.  It means seeing others as people, not objects.  It means listening… really listening.

Here are some of my takeaways and action items I continually work to put in place with my clients:

-To have an Outward Mindset is to have empathy….  I too am human, I have a family, I have setbacks, I have a busy schedule and sometimes crazy life happens… I understand.  Fitness is hard, and sometimes it’s the last thing you want to do, but realize that anything is better than nothing, and there is always a compromise we can find if we communicate well.

-An Outward Mindset is to always ask, “How can I help?”… and mean it.  Training with Smart Strength is not for everyone.  Its tough, its demanding, it takes commitment.  But if you put your trust in me, I will always go whatever lengths I can to make sure I am helping you achieve your goals.

-An Outward Mindset is a real way to make lasting changes.  In the book it talks about having to address mindset before trying to change behavior.  Real change lies in mindset change FIRST.  If you do not believe in something, it will never take hold and it will not work in the long run.  I totally agree with this and have seen this change of mindset in all my clients at one time or another.

-An Outward Mindset involves making everyone aware of what you wish to accomplish, and everyone needs to buy into the big picture.  Buying into a collective result is the best way to ensure change.  This means talking to all the people in your life and letting them know what you want to do and how you are going to do it.  In fitness this can be difficult and embarrassing at times.  But remember the point before, if you are changing your mindset and genuinely believe in the process, others will listen and feed off your commitment.

-The last action item that an Outward Mindset addresses is simple and true.  Changing mindset takes time.  It is difficult, it is a process, but as long as you are better at the end of every day, you cannot lose.  Better, not perfect.

Work Smarter, not Harder.

Your Trainer,


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