We do not coach like this at Smart Strength…


Exercising can be uncomfortable at times (Squatting with a barbell across the back is something that immediately comes to mind),it can makes us mentally uncomfortable too.

At Smart Strength we do not preach, nor follow the adage, “No pain, no gain.”  We do not believe that it must hurt to be effective.  We do not even believe or prescribe Burpees…

We are not here to intimidate or make you mentally uncomfortable.  Our coaching is all about making exercise fun and enjoyable.  There is always 2 way communication, so if you ever have anything on your mind, please let us know so we can accommodate it ASAP.

We are educated in our fitness.  If a client does not like a certain lift, is not able to perform the exercise, or simply does not feel like doing that sort of thing today, no problem.  We can always modify or substitute an exercise for something else that accomplishes the same goal.  Variety is the spice of life!

What else do clients find uncomfortable about working out?

Something that is uncomfortable (sometimes downright painful) is DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).  This is the soreness and pain of our muscles a day or two after working out.  However, if programmed and managed correctly, it can be greatly minimized.

Every person has a different pain tolerance, and a different perception of this pain.  Many newcomers are shocked at the feeling of soreness and pain of muscle groups that have suddenly been brought back to life.

DOMS is perfectly normal, natural, and to be expected.  In almost all cases, it will subside in a few days.  As we continue to train, the DOMS will become less and less severe.   Ice, Ibuprofen, a proper diet and good sleep will help you overcome these initial bouts of DOMS.

To help minimize the negative effects of DOMS, we always assess new clients to see where their current fitness levels are, so we do not over prescribe exercises or administer too great of a load on the muscles initially.  We respect each clients susceptibility to DOMS and work tirelessly on our programming to ensure we deliver a great workout, without causing extreme DOMS and pain.

Once you have committed to a workout routine for an extended amount of time, you will rarely experience DOMS, and it may even bum you out that you haven’t been sore in a while… I know it seems crazy, but I hear this comment a lot from experienced clients.

DOMS- delayed onset muscle soreness.  On the left is a sample of normal muscle tissue at rest (control group)… as the images progress from left to right, it shows the damage to the muscle tissue following bouts of exercise…  (this is what happens to our muscle fibers at a microscopic level, after a heavy bout of exercise… notice how much damage and distortion of the usually repetitive muscle tissue occurs… this damage is partially why you are sore for a few days after an intense workout, the more intense the workout, the more severe the DOMS response is). 


Another source of discomfort is not knowing what to do in a gym.  We will call this Gym confusion. So many machines and contraptions can be overwhelming and intimidating.

Unfortunately, gym culture has taken on a life of its own, with special lingo, acronyms and clothing styles…..  We do not embrace the CrossFit culture here, we do not judge the style of clothing you wear, we do not endorse gym selfies, heck we don’t even have mirrors in the facility.

What we do offer is scientific education on exercises.  We will orient you on equipment and take the time to coach you to everything you need to know to become a weight room veteran.

Your program may seem like a different language in the beginning, but after some training and education with your coach, you will be able to read and write gym-speak fluently!  It may even spark an interest in you that you never knew existed…

When we drop the anxiety of exercise, we discover the joy it can bring, and our results greatly improve!

Work Smarter, not harder,

Your Trainer,


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