While reading my latest book, “Sell or be Sold” two chapters of the book really hit me.  They addressed why commitment was so important and how a positive attitude really is one of the most powerful traits in the world.

Commitment is a difficult concept to master.  It is as hard for me as anyone else. From writing blog posts to keeping my nose to the grindstone day in and day out, it has never been easy for me.  The harder the task at hand, the harder it is to stay committed for the long term.

But I know that nothing great can be done without commitment.  Committing is the first and essential ingredient to creating value.  It is how we stick our foot in the ground and change our direction for the better.  It is the thing behind the scenes of every amazing accomplishment.  It is the never ending, early mornings to make a dream come true.  It is how a business is built and grown for a lifetime.

Commitment takes work, day in and day out.  It takes a rock-solid mindset.  It takes effort and I will not stop working until you have the best possible results from Smart Strength!

Commit to clients, commit to excellence, commit to the best service and products in the fitness world.  This is my pledge, day in and day out.

Attitude is something we all chose every day and it effects the way we see the world and the way the world sees us.  More than any other virtue, attitude touches every aspect of life.  Everyone appreciates a positive attitude.  The world opens up for those that exude positivity.  Likewise, the world is a very gloomy place for those who carry the burden of a negative attitude.

Just think of your favorite people you encounter each day… I bet the one commonality they all have is a positive attitude.  And the people you avoid probably all share a negative attitude….  The power of your attitude cannot be overlooked. 

Attitude is so important it even effects our health.  Research shows that smiling, even if it forced, releases dopamine (the happy neurotransmitter).  Likewise, negative attitudes cause stress, releasing cortisol (one of our stress hormones) which stores fat and releases glucose into the bloodstream causing insulin spikes and overall making you feel less than optimal.

I must admit, at times I am forgetful of how important attitude is, and sometimes it goes negative.  But I am so blessed to be surrounded by the best people in the world who constantly beam smiles and positivity my way.

It is a never-ending process, but commit to a positive attitude, and your life will change for the better.

Work Smarter, not Harder.

Your Trainer,



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