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The month of August and I have a love/ hate relationship.

Growing up playing football, I spent 12 years of my life dreading fall camp, grinding in full pads under the intense summer sun.  But I knew that without camp, without the preseason grind, there would be no fall glory.

There would be no Friday night lights or Saturday afternoon contests without the preparation and work that must take place before hand.

It was always better to sweat in peace than to bleed in war.

The hard work you put in weekly at Smart Strength is similar.  You are doing the heavy lifting (sometimes literally) now, so that you can enjoy your health and wellness long into the future.

You sweat now, so that when you need to tap into the deep reserves of strength, you are ready.

You are playing the long game.

You are preparing.

Schedule updates

Friday training will be on appointment base only and will not be in the schedule on Zen Planner.  If you desire a session on Friday, just let me know what time and I will selectively book it for you!

Saturdays for September – 4th, 18th, and possibly the 25th?


Thank you for trusting Smart Strength with your health and wellness.

We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you into the future!

To recap the month

-We completed 122 total sessions for the month.

-We averaged 25 sessions per week.

-We are averaging 135 sessions per month YTD.

-1080 training sessions have been completed YTD.

-We officially passed the 1K mark on August 11th.  Pam you were the 1K session!!

Moving Forward

-I want to make everyone aware of the Cancellation Policy at SS.  If you cancel a scheduled appointment within 24 hours of the appointment, you will be charged for the session.  If you cancel and reschedule within the same week through Zen planner, no problem.  It is on you to make that decision and schedule a makeup appointment. 

-Smart Strength clients receive a discount towards our awesome Run Albion 5 K series.  Unfortunately, the last race was rained out, but I am hopeful we will have perfect weather for the next.

***The third race is Friday, September 17th and coincides with the “Festival of the Forks!”  Still time to sign up!  I would love to have a group of SS clients participate in the race.  It is a great course, highlighting some beautiful portions of Albion and always a good time!  Spread the word!

Click the link to visit their website and register.

I currently have 2 spots open for new members to join Smart Strength.  If you know someone who is looking for a personal trainer or is interested in changing their health & wellness, please let them know of our services.  Personal referrals are the best source of growth for this business.

To all of you that have provided referrals and positive feedback to others, thank you.  I very much appreciate you taking some of your valuable time to help spread the word about SS.  I am incredibly grateful to you all for your continued support.

Online review

***One of the best ways you can help support Smart Strength is through an online review.  If you have not done so yet, please take a few minutes to leave one here.  

As always, if anyone has any suggestions or feedback, please shoot me an email, or let me know during our next session.

Let us enjoy this month and continue to move and enjoy the cooler weather!


Work Smarter, not harder

Your Trainer,


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